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We are Denver business attorneys providing startup and general counsel services for startup and growth companies. Whether you are an investor group, a local business, medium or small business, or an entrepreneur, we can help.

Startup Stage Center 

Our startup stage legal business center has answers to commonly asked questions such as 'Where should I incorporate?' or 'What type of entity should I operate under?'

Growth Stage Center 

Our growth stage legal business center discusses common legal issues business owners face including tax, employment and contracts

Exit Stage Center 

In our exit stage legal business center, we discuss options business owners have to pass their business to their children, sell their business to outsides, or dissolve their business under state law.

Denver Business Lawyers

We are attorneys that help business owners start, grow, and sell their companies.  Entrepreneurs and business owners come to us at various business stages. Typical clients include entrepreneurs, small businesses, founders,

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Q&A with our Attorney

Denver business lawyer Bill Henry discuss commonly asked questions on the steps required to set up a business in Colorado. 

Question: What is the first step in setting up a business in Colorado? 

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